Skandies 2001: Results

Skandies 2001

Best Picture

01. In the Mood for Love
02. Mulholland Dr.
03. Memento
04. Ghost World
05. The Man Who Wasn't There
06. Audition
07. AI
08. The Royal Tenenbaums
09. Moulin Rouge
10. Donnie Darko
11. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
12. Gosford Park
13. Amélie
14. Eureka
15. Waking Life
16. Code Unknown
17. Amores Perros
18. Together
19. Werckmeister Harmonies
20. Black Hawk Down

Best Director

01. Wong Kar-wai, In the Mood for Love
02. David Lynch, Mulholland Dr.
03. Joel Coen, The Man Who Wasn't There
04. Takashi Miike, Audition
05. Christopher Nolan, Memento
06. Wes Anderson, The Royal Tenenbaums
07. Steven Spielberg, AI
08. Michael Mann, Ali
09. Peter Jackson, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
10. Baz Luhrmann, Moulin Rouge
11. Robert Altman, Gosford Park
12. Michael Haneke, Code Unknown
13. Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Amélie
14. Terry Zwigoff, Ghost World
15. Richard Kelly, Donnie Darko
16. Ridley Scott, Black Hawk Down
17. Catherine Breillat, Fat Girl
18. Richard Linklater, Waking Life
19. Lukas Moodysson, Together
20. Steven Soderbergh, Ocean's Eleven

Best Actress

01. Naomi Watts, Mulholland Dr.
02. Maggie Cheung, In the Mood for Love
03. Charlotte Rampling, Under the Sand
04. Thora Birch, Ghost World
05. Tilda Swinton, The Deep End
06. Nicole Kidman, Moulin Rouge
07. Eihi Shiina, Audition
08. Sissy Spacek, In the Bedroom
09. Nicole Kidman, The Others
10. Renée Zellweger, Bridget Jones's Diary
11. Audrey Tautou, Amélie
12. Brooke Smith, Series 7: The Contenders
13. Lena Endre, Faithless
14. Anaïs Reboux, Fat Girl
15. Emily Perkins, Ginger Snaps
16. Kirsten Dunst, crazy/beautiful
16. Gywneth Paltrow, Shallow Hal
18. Jeanne Balibar, Va Savoir
19. Piper Perabo, Lost and Delirious
20. Reese Witherspoon, Legally Blonde

Best Actor

01. Billy Bob Thornton, The Man Who Wasn't There
02. Denzel Washington, Training Day
03. Eric Bana, Chopper
04. Tom Wilkinson, In the Bedroom
05. Gene Hackman, The Royal Tenenbaums
06. Guy Pearce, Memento
07. Tony Leung, In the Mood for Love
08. Jack Nicholson, The Pledge
09. Russell Crowe, A Beautiful Mind
10. Haley Joel Osment, AI
11. Ewan McGregor, Moulin Rouge
12. Will Smith, Ali
13. John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig and the Angry Inch
14. Peter Mullan, The Claim
15. Ray Winstone, Sexy Beast
16. Koji Yakusho, Eureka
17. Anthony LaPaglia, Lantana
18. Daniel Auteuil, The Widow of Saint-Pierre
19. Ryo Ishibashi, Audition
20. Lars Rudolph, Werckmeister Harmonies

Best Supporting Actor

01. Steve Buscemi, Ghost World
02. Ben Kingsley, Sexy Beast
03. James Gandolfini, The Mexican
04. Tony Shalhoub, The Man Who Wasn't There
05. Joe Pantoliano, Memento
06. Rip Torn, Freddy Got Fingered
07. Jude Law, AI
08. Sergi Lopez, With a Friend Like Harry
09. Jim Broadbent, Moulin Rouge
10. Paddy Considine, Last Resort
11. Ian McKellen, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
12. Brian Cox, L.I.E.
13. Luke Wilson, The Royal Tenenbaums
14. Vin Diesel, The Fast and the Furious
15. Jon Voight, Ali
16. Pierce Brosnan, The Tailor of Panama
17. Hugh Grant, Bridget Jones's Diary
18. Paul Bettany, A Knight's Tale
19. Justin Theroux, Mulholland Dr.
20. Owen Wilson, Zoolander

Best Supporting Actress

01. Scarlett Johansson, Ghost World
02. Maggie Smith, Gosford Park
03. Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind
04. Carrie-Anne Moss, Memento
05. Marisa Tomei, In the Bedroom
06. Laura Elena Harring, Mulholland Dr.
07. Helen Mirren, Gosford Park
08. Frances McDormand, The Man Who Wasn't There
09. Alakina Mann, The Others
10. Gwyneth Paltrow, The Royal Tenenbaums
11. Kelly Macdonald, Gosford Park
12. Emily Watson, Gosford Park
13. Juliette Binoche, Code Unknown
14. Frances O'Connor, AI
15. Anjelica Huston, The Royal Tenenbaums
16. Cameron Diaz, Vanilla Sky
17. Roxane Mesquida, Fat Girl
18. Rachel Miner, Bully
19. Wanda Sykes, Pootie Tang
20. Katharine Isabelle, Ginger Snaps

Best Screenplay

01. Christopher Nolan, Memento
02. Daniel Clowes and Terry Zwigoff, Ghost World
03. Ethan & Joel Coen, The Man Who Wasn't There
04. David Lynch, Mulholland Dr.
05. Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson, The Royal Tenenbaums
06. Karen Walton, Ginger Snaps
07. Julian Fellowes, Gosford Park
08. Richard Kelly, Donnie Darko
09. Danis Tanovic, No Man's Land
10. Lukas Moodysson, Together
11. Daisuke Tengan, Audition
12. Guillermo Arriaga, Amores Perros
13. Louis Mellis and David Scinto, Sexy Beast
14. Andrew Stanton et al., Monsters, Inc.
15. David Ayer, Training Day
16. Wong Kar-wai, In the Mood for Love
17. Guillaume Laurant, Amélie
18. Peter Jackson et al., The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
19. Alejandro Amenábar, The Others
20. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, The Golden Bowl

Best Scene

01. Betty's audition, Mulholland Dr.
02. Club Silencio, Mulholland Dr.
03. Jimmy shanks a nonplussed Chopper, Chopper
04. Subway harassment, Code Unknown
05. A meeting with The Cowboy, Mulholland Dr.
06. Mano a mano (final scene), Dead or Alive
07. Natalie taunts penless Leonard, Memento
08. Opening montage, Ali
09. "Elephant Love Medley," Moulin Rouge
10. Trouble in the Mines of Moria, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
11. Richie shaves his beard, The Royal Tenenbaums
12. "Like a Virgin," Moulin Rouge
13. Acupuncture and piano wire, Audition
14. Hospital attack, Werckmeister Harmonies
15. Dr. Gord saves the baby, Freddy Got Fingered
15. Rehearsing goodbye, In the Mood for Love
17. "Hey Boy," The American Astronaut
18. A day in town, Wet Hot American Summer
19. "Spectacular Spectacular" (the pitch), Moulin Rouge
20. Street corner contretemps, Code Unknown